Friday, July 5, 2019


           LUCILA G. PERONA

          Loving mother and grandmother of six
           Understanding wife of a barber and magician
           Caring aunt to her nieces and nephew
           Interesting stories told about the good old days
           Liked to hear from relatives from far away
           Appreciated the kindness of her family

             Games of the past were played with great fun

             Patient, industrious and hard- working lady
             Extra hours of work spent working in the fields
             Religious woman and prayer group leader
             Overly joyful to see nieces and nephews
           Nanang” is her known name to many of us
             Admired for making starch from cassava roots

                         By: Laura B. Corpuz, niece
                                 October 30, 2003

Wednesday, July 3, 2019


               FAUSTINO  S. DELA CRUZ SR.

                Fills the young hearts of grandchildren with love and joy
               Always listening to friends and relatives in time of their needs
               Unforgettable uncle you are and everyone calls you ‘Tata Tino”
               Saved and provided then for growing family for the rainy days
               Truthful, honest, sincere, caring, and very loving individual
               Inspires people in the village especially the younger generation
              Nights and days you worked at PTFC and Republic Glass Company
              Open-minded, outspoken, friendly, nice, and truly caring uncle

             Sacrifices in life are incredible, his pride, and great honor

               Dedicated husband to Nana Bidang and good father to children
               Everyone in Cruz and Garcia family has a place in his big heart
              Lives a happy, content, fulfilling, and very satisfactory life
              Achievements of children and grandchildren make your day

              Christian man and regularly goes to San Miguel Catholic Church
              Reasoning power was exercised, coupled with sound judgment
              Upbringing and discipline of conservative parents were remarkable
              Zoological garden in Manila, you always wanted to go and visit

              Sense of humor is amazing and tells about my “Apo Igue” jokes
              Respected by the barrio people for his kindness and generosity

                          By: Laura G. Balatbat-Corpuz (Niece) May 7, 2012

Friday, March 29, 2019


      Makes her a great woman and mother of Demise Faith and Godfrie
      Attended Victorino Flores Memorial Institute in San Juan, Hagonoy
       Loves to teach young children the value and true meaning of education
       Outstanding job she does in the classroom and in San Isidro village
       Unique personality and character contribute to success in married life
       Relationship with friends and co-teachers is golden earning respects
       Dedicated wife to Eddie, who fathers the lovely family with pride
        Exhibits humility, obedience, passion and fairness in everything she does
        Secondary Education at Bulacan State University is her “Alma Mater”

        San Miguel Daycare Center she taught Early Childhood Development

        Freelance tutoring is entertaining, contributing to a child’s education
        Embraces work with simple smiles and very friendly attitude towards all
        Regarded highly for being a religious individual showing reverence to God
        Nice, full of life, charming, and considerate to all her close camaraderie
        Always ready to give a helping hand to the needs of the Balatbat Clan
        Never say “No” to all volunteer calls in the community and in school
        Develops potentials and demonstrates firm determination for future life
        Enjoys time spent with school-aged children in molding young minds
        Zodiac sign is Scorpio and Chrysanthemum’s petals symbolize human perfection
                               Laura B. Corpuz * March 16, 2019

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


                                SOFIA C. GARCIA BALATBAT

             Sofia means “Wisdom” in Greek, was full of it and funny wits
               Outstanding mother of three girls: Oliva, Felicisima and Laura
               Finances handled with extreme care when God called Igmedio
               Inspired many relatives and townsfolks for exceptional courage
              A very religious woman who even made rosaries out of Job’s tears

               Chores, children were assigned, also pulled weeds from the fields

               Gave a cute seven-month old boy, Ricardo, a place in this world
               Availed self to cook and serve for San Miguel’s annual “Pabasa”
               Rejoiced when the children and grandchildren received awards
               Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays, all dressed-up so cute and pretty
               In an underground cell the family stayed for safety during WW2
               Always productive, split bamboo sticks for nipa thatch roofing

               Basic skills of people in farming were utilized when she hired them
               Able to give all children Catholic education, obtained college degrees
               Loyal, dedicated, family-loving was awarded “Ulirang Magsasaka”
               Approachable, generous, never failed to share harvests with family
               Thanked God for all the blessings, left four children their inheritances
               Beautiful disposition, frugal daughter born to Isidoro and Florencia
                A strong widow who raised ducks and operated a “Sari-Sari” store
               Tasty “leche flan” and sumptuous foods cooked, served at open-house

                         Laura G. Balatbat-Corpuz, Daughter * March 16, 2019



             Happily greeted by the “Welcome Committee” those who came this year
             Incredible representations of special talents by cousins, aunts, uncles
            Prayers were led by Rolando B. Salamat joined by the family members
            Overjoyed by the presence of relatives from distant places in the region
            "Look Alike" game is great bringing a lot of laughter to the entire clan
            Innocent little ones simply smiled and had a truly wonderful afternoon
           Time was short, but it felt like a long time because of the atmosphere
           Old and young showed their very best in solving the Tagalog riddles

            Mouth-watering food, snacks, sweet desserts satisfied the stomachs
            All families present prepared their favorite recipes for this occasion
            X’mas was felt by the young children because of many attractive toys
            Impressive are the looks of the youth and happy with their prizes
            Many souvenirs were shared to the clan that were mostly Easter kind
            Applause and cheers to those who won the games and sang nice songs

            Balatbat Combo led by Manilo Balatbat received  super praises too
           Adored were the little ones who could hardly smile or clap their hands
            Lechon, oh how crispy, so tender, so juicy, and variety of fresh fruits
            Amazing were the discoveries of the members from their family’s side
            The family trees that were constructed were unbelievable yet interesting
            Beautiful memories came back to mind when genealogy was talked about
            All the older family members became so focused in researching ancestry
     Thanks to Doctors Shotie & Ervin Dela Rosa assisted by Pharmacist Jhun Bailete for the medical mission held today.  Ric and Laura’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Remembered
            By: Laura Balatbat Corpuz * March 16, 2019 *

Wednesday, January 23, 2019



Moderate and humble in her dealings with people
“Apo” Enteng was a wonderful spouse to her
Respected by extended families and friends
Courteous, honest, and very polite individual
Increasing number of grand children is her joy
Always assisting her families that are in need
Naturally nice, loving, and very caring mother
Aquarius is her zodiac sign and flower carnation

Memories of World War II are incredible

Regarded as “Nanay” by most Filipinos in Peoria
Equal and fair treatment she gives to everyone
You’d love her motherly and very friendly attitude
Equipped with plenty of cooking utensils of all kinds
Self-sacrificing person from childhood to womanhood

   By Laura B. Corpuz 10-25-2003*

Tuesday, January 22, 2019



Greets relatives with a smile when they come to visit from Hagonoy to Bataan
Aster is your beautiful flower and the shining blue sapphire looks nice on you
Understanding wife, mother, sister, cousin, friend, and relative of the Garcia clan
Delia,” called you by loving brother Calixto, cousins, aunties, uncles, and “Daka”
Lived together under one roof with “Tata Isto, Tata Jacinto, and Impong Huliana”
In the fields, you went to pick up last stalks of rice after harvest time in March
Always looked for mother every day after a long day of classes in San Miguel

Pabasa” in the chapel is one of your Holy Week religious activities in the village

Tender loving care provided to all your children since they were born to the present
Overjoyed by the school achievements of children and job across the vast ocean
Religiously prayed for the successful future of children in their chosen field
Interesting moments in childhood shared with classmates, friends, and relatives
Brought comforts and inspirations to mother, Lucila, when she was very ill
Inspired to succeed in life by her industrious mother, father, and grandparents
Observant person and learns what is important that will improve life situation

          Laura B. Corpuz * September, 2013