Monday, August 20, 2018



Super model with Allison Lear at IGNITE Peoria Civic Center
Taurus your zodiac sign, practical and admires the fruits of labor
Emerald is a very precious stone with magical healing power
Polytechnic College is proud of successful, fulfilled life journey
Homesick, but enjoys life in Illinois, experiences “White Christmas”
Extra time and efforts spent with FASCI and other civic duties
Never-ending laughter and fun when around friends and families

Born on May 5, 1943 Dumaguete City in the tropical Philippines
Intelligent man full of wit and wisdom and enjoyed by colleagues
Lucita and Paulita’s life adventures are like they were in paradise
Admires, jubilant of Ara Lear‘s “Care Solutions Home Health Care”
Night and day you worked very hard for daughters’ achievements
Dedicated, passionate teacher with respect for the Philippine flag
Adored by all the grandchildren across the ocean and in the USA
Lilly of the Valley” is the May flower also called “Bells of Heaven”

Gary, Abegail, Allison, Edlean, Edmundo, and Elman contributed to a                                                  
wonderful and exemplary experiences to the utmost of your joyful life                                                 
adjusting to the environment in this United States of America.       
Filipino-American Society of Central Illinois (FASCI) August 11, 2018

      By: Laura B. Corpuz * * August 18, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


SMO is you car's license plate number for Sharon M. Obery
Hiking, walking and admiring the beauty of this great world
"Art and Science in the Woods" is your very enjoyable passion
Rode horses around town, on the farm and in the villages
Organized individual who can juggle work and recreation
Natural beauty of surroundings bring lots of satisfaction

Melanie, Andrew,  Brian and Shay brighten your happy life

Outstanding volunteer for "Sun Foundation" and civic groups
Bradley University, an institution mother, father, and you work
Enjoys live theater, musical concerts, cute dogs and lovely cats
Recycles items that contribute to ecology, human life and earth
Yes, "Midnight Munchies," your precious times very well spent

Andi, Blakely, and co-workers at Bradley University are all elated by your devotion, duties, industriousness, resourcefulness, responsibilities, and exceptional volunteer work in your life.  Cookouts during breaks are enjoyed by staff and student assistants.  Peoria Central High School is truly proud of a very super alumnus, wonderful woman.

By: Laura B. Corpuz * * Jan. 29, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018



Victorious in numerous undertakings
Inspiration to students, teachers, and principals
Combs for the boys and soaps for the girls
Encouraging, motivating and open-minded adviser
Noble in all his thoughts, words and deeds
Thoughtful, sensible, and humble leader
Entertaining with a good sense of humor 

Disciplinarian, dedicated, designated "principal driver"

Scholarly and professional individual
Always prepared to give assistance to anyone
Naturally wise, nice, and kind gentleman
Talented, smart, full of wit and wisdom
Optimistic man and always on the look out
Supportive of the boys and great scoutmaster

              Laura B. Corpuz
        Germantown Hills, IL, USA
                 May, 2004


"Family first" is their golden policy
Accommodating and kind-hearted people
Joyfully welcome guests from everywhere
Achievements in life are worthy of praise
Religiously and respectfully treat friends
Decisions are made wisely and tactfully
Observant and cautious when speaking to someone
Fun-loving, gracious, and jovial in many ways
Affable, affectionate, and very considerate
Making acquaintances laugh for good times
Incredibly nice people to know and to be with
Loving and caring especially to the elderly
Yesteryears experiences inspire other's well being
          Laura G. Balatbat-Corpuz
                August 14, 2004

Tuesday, May 1, 2018



Felicisima means “joy and happiness” today and forevermore-
Embracing life as it comes and thanking God for each new day
Loving to teach Theology and spreading the word of the Lord
Interesting are the stories told to children leaving moral lessons
Caring about ailing patients, instructing with good health habits
Inspiring, serving as role model to active, growing grandchildren
Sweetly smiling, capturing even the loneliest unhappiest person
Instrumental in the success and well-being of daughter and son
Making family time fun time, doing the best of what God provides
Always being ready in supporting family for strength and unity;

Biblical stories telling children and adults in all Religion classes

Blessings from the world’s Creator gratefully counting every day
Accommodating woman, welcoming all comrades with warm heart
Composing lyrics of songs for the Philippine Medical Association
Outstanding memory of parenting style of Sofia Garcia-Balatbat
Never saying “No” to any appeal for the sake of the entire community

   Laura B. Corpuz * Sister *October 26, 2013 *



Happy families of Hipolito and Maxima Balatbat came for the reunion

Inspiring words made everyone feel loved, cared, and closer as one family

rayer before the fun annual event led by Dr. Felicisima Balatbat-Bacon

verjoyed by humorous stories, reading of personal poems during the program

echon was so juicy, delicious, and special “ukoy” graced the food table

ncredible singing voices and dances of members entertained everyone present

otally surprised of the amount were the winners of “Money Guessing” game

verwhelmed were cousins came from Hagonoy, Malolos, Manila, and Tarlac

Banner of Hipolito and Maxima Balatbat’s children hang on the huge wall

nxious, so cute, and very innocent tiny tots where amazed by the performances

ingered around were the spirits of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents

dorable children, teen-agers, and adults liked the surprises in the Easter eggs

ruly in their utmost emotions were gleeful, cheerful and so greatly joyful

eautiful, charming, and smiling faces of the youths showed super satisfaction

dmiration of family members that joined in the fun of playing group games

hankful to God for bountiful blessings, granting us to come together again 

Cozy was the atmosphere with hugging, kissing, and great feeling of warmth 

Lifted the spirits of those that experienced the excitement and joy of the reunion

vailed and gave medical information were Drs. Balagtas and Ervin Dela Rosa

ever knew that Balatbat clan would benefit from garlic, ginger  and medicine

                       Laura Balatbat-Corpuz, March 17, 2018

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


           DONALD L. SCOTT

Dedicated wife is Verla who dearly loves books and crafts
Offbeat sense of humor that brings joy to any gathering
No dull moments when he is around making funny jokes
Amazing listener who hears everything about any car
Loves Wayne, his younger brother, like a “father” to him
Dad to Petunia who keeps him company making fun days

Looks for the right kind of book to get to use a gift card

Sister Jan calls him “Bubba”, oh, how very sweet of her
Car nut and surely he is very proud of it would like to collect
Overwhelmed by Barnes and Noble, interest in Civil War
Titanic movie made him so fascinated and acquired many books
Tennessee is the birthplace, a wonderful and beautiful state!!

        Laura B. Corpuz – 
                        Friday, Oct. 13, 2017