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Girl Scouts Songs - San Miguel Elem. School, Hagonoy

Songs we learned from Mrs. Martha Alphonso, our Girl Scout Leader, and from other Girl Scout leaders.


Make New Friends (Round Song)

Make new friends, but keep the old

One is silver and the other is gold.

A circle's round, it has no end

That's how long I want to be your friend

I have a hand, and you have another

Put them together and we have each other.

Each Campfire Lights Anew

Each campfire lights anew

The flame of friendship true.

The joy we've had in knowing you

Will last our whole life through.



Oh I went to Peter's flowing stream

Where the water's so good

And I heard there the cukoo

As she called from the woods

Ho-li-ah, ho-le-rah-hi-hi-ah, Ho-le-rah cukoo.

Ho-le-rah-hi-hi-ah, Ho-le-rah cuckoo.

Ho-le-rah-hi-hi-ah, Ho-le-rah cukoo


A - Patter on knees; 1 - slap knees; 2 -clap hands; 3 -snap fingers.



O Vreneli, my pretty one

Pray tell me where's your home?

My home, it is in Zwitzerland

It's made of wood and stone

My home, it is in Zwitzerland

It's made of wood and stone.

Yo, ho, ho, Tra la, la (7x)


Who Made All ...?

Who made all the birds that fly

Birds that fly, birds that fly?

Who made all the birst that fly?

God in heaven above.

Who made all the flowers that bloom?

Who made all the fish that swim?

Who made all the dogs that bark?

Who made all the bunnies that hop?

Who made both of you and me?


Alouette, gentille Alouette

Alouette, je te plumerai
Je te plumerai la tête
Je te plumerai la tête
Et la tête
Et la tête


She'll Be Coming Down the Mountain

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes (whoo whoo)

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes (whoo whoo)

She'll be comin' round the mountain

Blowin' steam off like a fountain,

She'll be comin' round the mountain when she comes. (whoo whoo)


Girl Scouts Together

Girl Scouts together, that is our song.

Winding the old trails, rocky and long.

Learning our motto, living our creed.

Girl Scouts together in every good deed.

Girl Scouts together, happy are we.

Friendly to neighbors, for o'er the sea.

Faithful to country, loyal to home.

Known as true Girl Scouts, wherever we roam.


Whene'er You Make a Promise(Round Song)

Whene'er you make a promise

Consider well it's importance

And when made,

Engrave it upon your heart.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Games - San Miguel Elementary School Class of '55 Reunion Games

Prepared by Laura B. Corpuz
(Some of these games are also played by the Filipino-American Society of Central Illinois (FASCI) during their summer picnics and bus trips.)
1. Fruit Basket Upset - Players bring different kinds of fruit. (apples, bananas, pears, plums,etc.) Everybody forms a big circle. Leader calls "apples". All players holding apples exchange places. Leader calls "bananas" and all players holding bananas exchange places. Continue till all the fruits are called repeating the movement. When the leader yells "fruit basket upset", all the players exchange places.
Variation: Assign places to all the players. When "it" yells "fruit basket upset," the one who does not find a place becomes "it."
Find long words like: cooperation, class reunion, congratulations, happy anniversary, international, etc. On a 2x2 size paper/card print each of the letters. Prepare 2 sets of same letters forming a specific word. Place all letters in 2 separate sealed envelopes. Divide players into 2 groups. Give an envelope to one team and theother envelope to the other team. Give them 5 - 10 minutes to form theword that would spell out the letters in the envelope. The team who gets done first wins.
3. Mummify -
Need: Couples, lots of toilet paper rolls (one roll per couple). Have players find a partner. Give each partner a roll of toilet paper and challenge them by wrapping his partner with the toilet paper. Whichever partner is beautifully and artistically wrapped wins the game.
4. Escavenger Hunt - Hide items/objects in the room/on the playground. Ask players to find them and bring them back to you. Those who found the item must keep it a secret. Make sure there's enough hidden objects for the players to find.
5. "Silly Game" -
Ask players questions like: Who's the oldest in the group/class? Who's the youngest in the group/class? Who has the most children? Who has the most grandchildren? Who has the biggest extended family living with them? Who wears dentures/false teeth? Who lives the farthest (except those from abroad)? Who is a widow/widower? Who has a son/daughter abroad? Who has a hole in his socks? Who took a mint from the restaurant? Who has brown shoes on? Who borrowed money from his sister/brother? Does anybody have toothpick? Did somebody bring fresh fruit today? Who has a new bookbag? Who brought a library book today? Who has a white undershirt on? Who has a religious item in his purse/bag? Who has a pain killer in his possession? Who has powder puff/comb/hairbrush, etc.? Who colors his/her hair? Who's wearing nail polish?
6. Mews-ical -
Number of players: 10 or more one person, called the cat, leaves the room while a toy mouse is hidden. The cat returns and tries to find the mouse. He is guided by "mew-sic" - The players mewing softly when he is far away, or cold, and loudly as he nears the object. When he finds the mouse he chooses a new person to take his place as the cat.
7. Bean quiz -
Number of players: 15 or more each player is given 10 beans. Players move about, asking questions. They try to trick one another into answering with "yes" or "no." Each time a person answers "yes" or "no," he gives one bean to the questioner. The one holding the largest number of beans at the end of the game or after 5 minutes, is the winner.
8. Egg plugging -
Number of players: Even number of players each of the players has a hard-boiled egg. They then tap the small ends together. The one who succeeds in breaking the shell of his opponent's egg is the winner. ~ Variation: In a large group, pair off, and match winners.
9. Mail (Air mail/regular mail/international mail/email) -
Number of players: Any. Players form two rows facing each other. When leader calls air mail -players move/sway to the right. When leader calls local mail - players move/sway to the left. When leader calls international mail - players exchange places. When leader calls email - players move fingers like they were typing. This is a no loser game. Everybody wins.
10. Pom, Pom, Pullaway -
Number of players: 10 or more two lines, 30 - 50 feet apart, are marked by trees, sticks or stones, orTape. All players except one, who is "it," stand back of one of theThese lines. "It" stands in the center of the playing field and calls: "Pom, Pom Pullaway! If you don't come, I'll pull you away." At this call, all players must leave the line and run across to the opposite line. "It" tries to tag as many as possible before they reach the line. Anyone who is tagged, joins "it" and tries to catch the other players. The game continues until all players are caught.
11. Good Egg -
Number of players: 5 or more. One player is the egg tester. The others are eggs. The eggs sit in a circle on the ground with knees high against the chin and feet flat on the ground, hands clasped tightly about the knees. The tester goes from one another, testing them by giving them a push against the knees. This push rocks the player upon his back. If the player is bale to rock back to his original position without breaking the handclasp, he is a good egg. If the player cannot recover his original position, he is a bad egg. He must then take the tester's place.
12. Musical Sheet -
Number of players: Any, Music. Spread bedsheet(s) on the ground. Players go around the bed sheet. When the music stops, players step onto the bed sheet. The bed sheet is then folded in half. Players continue to go around the bedsheet(s) while the music is playing and step onto the bedsheet(s) again when music stops. Fold the bedsheet(s) in half again. Continue playing until the bedsheet(s) is folded into its smallest size. Whoever is left standing on it wins the game.
13. Slipper Relay -
A large pair of house slippers or rubbers is needed for each team; they must be larger than required by the largest player so that they will be kept on with difficulty. On signal, the first player puts the slippers on, runs to the turning line, returns, takes the slippers off and gives them to the second player who repeats the activity. If the slippers fall off they must be replaced before continuing.
14. Shoe relay -
Halfway between the starting line and turning line, mark a line across the floor or ground. The first player of each team runs to this "marked" Line, takes off his shoes and leaves them, runs to the turning line, returns to the "marked" line, puts on his shoes, and runs to the starting line, touching off the second player. The shoes must be completely laced. Continue until all have run. When there are 2 teams, whoever gets done first wins the game.
15. Water Bucket Relay ~
Need: 2 buckets with water. Use 2 large buckets with water one for each team. The first player walks carrying the bucket filled with water, goes around the turning point and comes back to the line. Touching the next player in line, hands the bucket, who repeats the activity. The team that finishes first with less water spilled wins the game.

16. Driving the Pig to Market -
The teams arranged in parallel lines. Give the first player of each team a wand or 3-foot stick cut from a broomstick and a "pig" in the form of a pop bottle, indian club, or bowling pin (improvise any). On signal, the first player of each team drives the pig to the turning line and back by pushing and batting it with the wand. The wand and the pig are then turned over to the next player who repeats. Continue until all have run. The team finishing first wins.
17. Clothesline Game -
Need: clothesline or rope and clothespins.
Have a couple of players hold the rope. Clip clothespins on the rope and start the game.
Contestants place one hand behind his back. With only one hand, take as many clothespins as he can without dropping any. The one that can take the most wins the game.
18. Safety Pins Game -
Need: Couples, lots of safety pins (husbands must be out of sight). With only the wives standing still, have another player pin clothespins everywhere on the the clothes (front, back, lower hem, sleeves, neck, skirt, pants, etc. Bring the husbands in and have them look for the pins. The one that finds the most pins wins the game. (No coaching please!)
19. Balloon Popping -
Need: colorful balloons ties any number of players air the balloons and tie 3 together on one player's leg. Each Player will try to pop the other players' balloon while protecting his on his legs. The more balloons, the more fun. See who wins the game.
20. Water Balloon Toss -
Need: Balloons filled with water players ready to get wet form 2 lines facing each other. Give balloons to one group and start tossing the balloons to their partners. Repeat the procedure till most of the balloons have popped. The partners that do not pop the balloon while tossing back and forth wins the game.
21. Flour Blowing -
Need: Cups half filled with flour, players, eye/sun glasses for eye protection. Players start blowing the flour out of the cups. The one that gets done first wins the game.

22. Girl’s Bending Body

(Note: To test our motor skills we tried all the body movements when we returned to the starting point. That was when we were young and agile. It was tiring but a lot of fun.)

Need: At least 2 girls, 8 – 10 years old each with a pair of wooden shoes.
Draw the starting and turning points 8-10 feet apart. Each player places 1 wooden shoe on the ground at the turning point. Players start simultaneously.

Player looks at the opposite direction and tosses the other wooden shoe to the one on the ground. If the shoe made a contact with the one on the ground, player goes back walking to the starting point. If not, the player picks up the wooden shoe; touches the one on the ground then goes back walking to the starting point.

Body Movements: Walking, foot twisting, skipping, hopping, back bending


Player, holding one shoe and with eyes closed; walks to the wooden shoe on the ground and touches it with other shoe then walks back to starting point.
Player carries one shoe on the head and drops it on the shoe on the ground; walks back to the starting point.
Player places one shoe on the shoulder and drops the shoe on the one on the ground. Picks up the shoe and walks back to the starting point.
4. Repeat the procedure placing shoe on stretched arm, between legs, back of bended knee, between knees, foot, and between ankles.
Foot Twisting: Put body weight on the heel, twist, then put body weight on the toe, twist repeatedly. Do this movement with steps 2, 3, 4.
Skipping: Repeat steps 2, 3, & 4.
Hopping: Repeat steps 2, 3, & 4.
Body Bending: After all body movements/routines have been performed, player holds one shoe, walks toward the other shoe on the ground. Player turns around looking at the opposite direction; bends body backwards and with the shoe she’s holding touches the other shoe on the ground. Player comes back up and walks back to the starting point. There’s more laughing and giggling when one player is unable to touch the other shoe on the ground.

Game is over.

March 18, 2005

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tula, Tugma at Awiting Pambata Tagalog at Ingles (Salamat sa San Miguel Elementary School)

(Previously posted in http://www.hagonoy.com/)
Tinipon ni Laura B. Corpuz (laurabc@bumail.bradley.edu)

Ang Po at ang Opo

(Grade 1 - Rosalina Sebastian)

Ang bilin sa akin ng ina't ama ko

Maging magalangin mamumupo ako

'Pag kinakausap ng matandang tao

Sa lahat ng lugar sa lahat ng dako.


"Pag ang kausap ko'y matanda sa akin

Na dapat igalang at dapat pupuin

Natutuwa ako na bigkas-bigkasin

Ang "po" at ang "opo" ng buong paggiliw.


Ang Bisiro

(Grade 2 - Josefa T. Leon)
Ako'y may bisiro, o munting kabayo

Pula ang balahibo, at sinasakyan ko.

Damo ang pagkain, pulot ang inumin

Kung tumakbo'y matulin, katulad ng hangin.




(Grade 3 - Leticia B. Sunpongco)

Ito palang niyog, bagong tumutubo

Langit na mataas siyang tinuturo.

'Pag ito'y lumaki't nasunod ang anyo

Lupang tinubuan duon din ang yuko.


Pagtawid sa Daan

(Grade 1 - Rosalina Sebastian)

Bago tumawid sa daan

Tumingin sa kaliwa't kanan

Nang hindi magulungan

Ng tumatakbong sasakyan.


The Owl

(Grade 4 - Jose Reyes)


Of all the queer birds I ever did see

The owl is the queerest by far to me.

For all day long, he sits on a tree

And when the night comes, away flies he.


The Little Plant by Kate L. Brown

(Grade 4, Jose Reyes)


In the heart of the seed

Burried deep so deep

A dear little plant

Lays fast asleep.


"Wake," said the sunshine

And creep to the light."

"Wake," said the voice

Of the raindrops bright."


The little plant heard

And it rose to see

"What a wonderful

Outside world might be."


Si Ale Kong Nena (Awit)

(Grade 2 - Josefa T. Leon)


Si Ale kong Nena'y sumalok ng tubig

Nahulog sa balon naging gumamela

Ipinagtanong ko kung sino'ng kumuha

Si kapitang Pepe, tala sa umaga.


May Taong Nagtanong (Awit)

(Grade 2 - Josefa T. Leon)


May taong nagtanong

Ang daan kung saan

May batang sumagot

"Sa banda po riyan."

"Salamat sa iyo,"

"Wala pong anuman

Natutuwa akong

Kayo'y matulungan."


Sari-saring Tugma

(Grade 3 - Leticia B. Sunpongco)


Kumain ka ng mangga
Kumain ka ng papaya
Hindi magtatagal
Ikaw ay gaganda.
Uminom ka ng gatas
Kumain ka ng itlog
Hindi magtatagal
Ikaw ay bibilog.

Little Sister

(Grade 1 Dance-song - Rosalina Sebastian)
Little sister, dance with me
Both my hands I give to thee
Right foot first, left foot then
Round about and back again.
Let you feet fo tap, tap, tap
Let your hands go clap, clap, clap
Right foot first, left foot then
Round about and back again.
Let your head go nick, nick, nick
Let your fingers go click, click, click
Right foot first, left foot then
Round about and back again.

Mr. Postman (Song)
(Grade 4 -Jose Reyes)

Mr. Postman have you any Valentine?
Among so many that you think
Was sent to me?
Postman, look in your bag for me.


Valentine, Valentine
Is there one that you know is mine!
Postman, please you look and see
Is there one in your bag for me?


Tootle, Tootle, Tee

(Grade 5 - Norma Trajano)


I will make a whistle, jolly as can be

I'll blow merrilly tootle, tootle, tee

I'll whistle all the night and I'll blow all the day

And everyone will beg me, please to go away

Tootle, tootle, tootle, tootle, too-tootle

Blow my little whistle, tootle, tootle, tee.


My Mother

Who dressed my darling clothes so gay,

And taught my pretty prayer today,

And minded all what I had to say?

My mother, my mother!

Who ran to help me when I fell, I fell,

And taught me how to story tell, story tell,

And kissed me when I'm ill?

My mother, my mother, my mother!


Lullaby (Sleep My Darling Baby)

Sleep my darling baby, mother is not far away

Sleep my pretty baby, stars now shed their softest day

Sleep my darling baby, sleep, guardian angel watches near

Sweetly sleep till morning, my darling baby dear.


Lovely Evening (Round Song)

(Grade 6 - Vicente D. Santos)

Oh how lovely is the evening, is the evening

When the bells are sweetly ringing, sweetly ringing

Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong.


Music Alone Shall Live

All things shall perish from under the sky;

Music alone shall live, music alone shall live

Music alone shall live, never shall die.


Don't You Go to Far Zamboanga


Don't you go, oh don't you goTo far Zamboanga

Where you may forget your darling far away.

Don't you go, oh don't you goFor if you leave me

How can I without you stay?


Oh weep not, my dear paloma.

Oh weep not, for I'll return.

Oh weep not, my little darling,

I shall remember and I shall yearn.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SALAWIKAIN AT KASABIHAN (Mula sa Mga Pahina ni Laura) laurabc@bradley.edu

~ Tinipon ni Laura B. Corpuz

* Pahaba-haba ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy.

* Aanhin mo ang palasyo kung ang nakatira ay kuwago;
mabuti pa ang bahay-kubo kung ang nakatira ay tao.

* Ang karukhaan ay hindi hadlang sa pagtatagumpay.

* Ang paala-ala ay mabisang gamut sa taong nakakalimot.

* Ang mababa ay maganda, may dangal at puri pa.

* Ang kalusugan ay kayamanan.

* Ang taong nagigipit kahit sa patalim ay kumakapit.

* Kung pukulin ka ng bato, tinapay ang iganti mo.

* Hangga’t makitid ang kumot magtiis mamaluktot.

* Magsisi ka man at huli ay wala nang mangyayari.

* Mahuli man at magaling ay naihahabol din.

* Ang nauuna ay nagsisisi; nagkukumamot ang nahuhuli.

* Nasa huli ang pagsisisi.

* Ang pagkakaton sa buhay ay madalang dumating;
kapag narito na ay ating samantalahin.

* Kung hindi ukol ay hindi bubukol.

* Balat man at malinamnam, hindi mo matitikman.

* Matalino man ang matsing, napaglalalangan din.

* Bawat palayok ay may kasukat na suklob.

* Batang-puso madaling marahuyo.

* Kung saan nahihilig duon din nabubuwal.

* Tikatiktik man kung panay ang ulan, malalim mang ilog ay mapapaapaw.

* Naghangad ng kagitna, isang salop ang nawala.

* Ang bulsang laging mapagbigay, hindi nawawalan ng laman.

* Araw-araw ay “corpus” kung pista ay upos.

* Ubus-ubos biyaya, maya-maya ay nakatunganga.

* Kung ano at sukat ng ohales, iyon din ang sukat ng butones.

* Nasa tao ang gawa; nasa Diyos ang awa.

* Kung binigyan ng buhay, bibigyan din ng ikabubuhay.

* Ang iyong kakainin ay sa iyong pawis manggagaling.

* Buhay-alamang, paglukso ay patay.

* Isang kahig; isang tuka.

* Buntot mo; hila mo.

* Kung nasaan ang asukal, naruon ang langgam.

* Walang mapait na tutong sa taong nagugutom.

* Lahat ng gubat ay may ahas.

* May alagang ahas.

* Ang anumang kasulatan ay dapat lalagdaan.

* Nasa taong matapat ang huling halakhak.

* Ang tunay na kaibigan ay karamay kailan man.

* Ang tunay na kaibigan ay nakikilala sa kagipitan.

* Ang matapat na kaibigan ay tunay na maaasahan.

* Turan mo ang iyong kaibigan; sasabihin ko kung sino ikaw.

* Ang tunay mong pagkatao, makikilala sa gawa mo.

* Ang tao kapag mayaman, marami ang kaibigan;
kung mahirap na ang buhay masalubong man sa daan hindi na babatiin; hindi pa rin titigan.

* Magkulang ka na sa magulang huwag lamang sa biyenan.

* Ang pag-aasawa ay hindi biro; ‘di tulad ng kanin, iluluwa kung mapaso.

* Nakikita ang butas ng karayom subalit hindi makita ang butas ng palakol.

* Kung gaano kataas ang lipad gayon din ang lagapak pag bagsak.

* Hampas ng kalabaw, sa kabayo ang latay.

* Mahirap malipol ang masamang damo.

* Kapag ang ilog ay matahimik, asahan mo at malalim.
Kapag ang ilog ay maingay, asahan mo at mababaw.

* Tulak ng bibig kabig ng dibdib.

* Papunta ka pa lamang ay pauwi na ako.

* Ang lumalakad ng mabagal, kung matinik ay mababaw. Ang lumalakad ng matulin, kung matinik ay malalim.

* Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makararating sa paruruonan.

* Ang langaw ng dumapo sa kalabaw ay mataas pa sa kalabaw ang pakiramdam.

* Maraming salita; kulang naman sa gawa.

* Madaling sabihin subalit mahirap gawin.

* Wala kang mabubunot sa taong kalbo.

* May tainga ang lupa at may pakpak ang balita.

* Kung ano ang itinanim, iyon din ang aanihin.

* Ako ang nagtanim, ang nagbayo at nagsaing saka nang maluto’y iba ang kumain.

* Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo.

* Kung matigas ay bato; kung malambot ay tao.

* Pili nang pili; natapatan ay bungi.

* Huwag magbilang ng manok hangga’t hindi napipisa ang itlog.

* Kung sino ang unang pumutak, siya ang nanganak.

* Nauntog akong minsan, ayaw ko nang mauli; baka sa susunod ngipin ko pa ang mabungi.

* Huwag kang magbintang kung hindi mo nakakamayan.

* Magkupkop ka ng kaawa-awa; langit ang iyong gantimpala.

* Ang mabuting gawa ay kinalulugdan ng madla.

* Kung ang nabasagan ay hindi nanghinayang, ako pa kayang nakabasag lamang?

* Kapag bukas ang kaban, nagkakasala sinuman.

* Ang butong tinangay ng aso, walang salang nalawayan ito.

* Ang utang ay utang; hindi dapat kalimutan.

* Ang iyong hiniram isauli or palitan
Upang sa susunod, hindi ka makadalaan.

* Kung labis ang tamis ang lasa ay mapait.

* Ang bungang hinog sa sanga matamis ang lasa. Ang bungang hinog sa pilit kung kainin ay mapait.

* Walang humawak ng lutuan na hindi naulingan.

* Sala sa lamig; sala sa init.

* Gawin mo sa kapuwa mo ang nais mong gawin niya sa iyo.

* Ang sakit ng kalingkingan ay damdamin ng buong katawan.

* Ang mabigat at gumagaan kapag pinagtulung-tulungan.

* Masakit ang katotohanan.

* Madaling pumitas ng bunga kung dadaan ka sa sanga.

* Ibong sa ahola'y ikinulong nang mahigpit kapag nakawaly's hindi na babalik.

* Barang ginamit mo sa iyong kapuwa, siya ring panukat sa iyong pagkadapa. (Mula sa tula ni Laura - Ang Tubig, http://www.ofw.bagongbayani.com/)

* Ang karunungan ay kayamanan gamitin mo sa kabutihan.

* Kahoy mang babad sa tubig, sa apoy huwag ilapit
'pag ito' naradang sa init, sapilitang magdidikit.

* Nawawala ang ari, ngunit ang uri ay hindi.

* Pagsapit ng gabi'y laging may umaga.

* Sa larangan ng digmaan nakikilala ang tapang.

* Kung may hirap ay may ginhawa.

* Kung may isinuksok, mayruong madurukot.

* Kung may itinanim, mayruon ding aanihin.

* Walang pagod magtipon walang hinayang magtapon.

* Kung ano ang taas ng pagkadakila, siya ring lagapak kapag nadapa.

* Ang pag-ilag sa kaaway ang tunay na katapangan.

* Bago mo batiin ang dungis ng ibang tao, dungis mo muna ang tingnan mo.

* Nang makatagpo ng damit na payong, ang abang anahaw ay 'di na malingon.

* Ano man ang tibay ng piling abaka ay wala ring silbi kapag nag-iisa.

* Minamahal habang mayruon; kung wala ay patapun-tapon.

* Ang gawa sa pagkabata dala hanggang sa pagkamatanda.

* Ang taong maiingitin lumigaya may ay sawi rin.

* Sa taong may tunay na hiya, ang salita ay panunumpa.

* Walang matiyagang lalake sa pihikang babae.

* Walang matibay na baging sa mahusay maglambitin.

* Ang bayaning nasugatan, nag-iibayo ang tapang.

* Kung takot ka sa ahas iwasan mo ang gubat.

* Matutuyo na ang sapa nguni't hindi ang balita.

* Ang tunay na anyaya ay may kasamang hila.

* Binatang taring, buwal may'y tayo rin.

* Ikaw ana bahala; ako ang kaawa-awa.

* Ang damdaming nasugatan gumaling may ay balatukan.

* Ang anumang mabigat ay gumagaan kung pagtutulung-tulongan.

* Pahaba-haba ng prusisyon, sa simbahan din ang tuloy.

* Ang taong nagigipit kahit sa patalim ay kumakapit.

* Ang nauuna ay nagsisisi, nagkukumamot ang nahuhuli.

* Kung hindi uko, hindi bubukol.

* Balat man at malinamnam, hindi mo matitikman.

* Matalino man ang matsing, napaglalangan din.

* Bawat palayok ay may kasukat na suklob.

* Batang puso madaling marahuyo.

* Kung sann nahihilig duon din nabubuwal.

















Friday, May 9, 2008

Married Life's Recipe ~ Laura B. Corpuz

1 cup fine thoughts
2 cups refined deeds
1 cup kisses
1 cup hugs
1 cup positive attitude
3/4 cup sacrifices
1/2 cup forgiveness
3/4cup patience
2 cups understanding
1 cup commitment
1/3 cup entertainment
3 cups of responsibilities
1 bundle of joy
1 booklet of prayers
dash of fragrant praises

Combine the above ingredients. Garnish with lots of love, faith, and hope.
Serve warm to the family and friends with the sweetest smile from the heart. It will grace your home at anytime.

From the kitchen of Laura B. Corpuz (laurabc@fsmail.bradley.edu)
Posted 5/5/2008