Tuesday, May 14, 2013


(Sapang Balatbat, San Isidro, Hagonoy, Bulacan, March 23, 2013

Balloons of many colors, huge banner adorned the hall and gifts
           surprised us all
Atmosphere was very welcoming, although the afternoon was quite
            warm, yet wet
"Lechon" was so juicy, delicious, and yummy crunchy skin graced the
            food table
variety of snacks and cold soft drinks were served to quench
           everybody's thirst
Tasty broiled fish, mongo beans, vegetable casseroles, oysters, and
           sweet desserts
Buffet line was long and 158 mouths were watering, craving for
           Filipino delicacies
Animated children and adults gracefully danced to Gangnam style
           music and more
Terrific singing voices and poetic rendition of poem were truly
           enjoyed by everyone
Complete with a fantastic family band and called it then the
            "Hipolito Balatbat Band"
Lovely children, teens, and adults had smiles on their faces when
             they won prizes
Anxiously waiting for the next Balatbat reunion is the entire family
             especially the youth
New to the occasion are some cousins from Laguna, Malolos, Manila
             and Tarlac
Reminisced fond memories and Christmas practices opened the
             minds of the young ones
Enthusiasm and interest in family bonding are becoming more intent
             from their hearts
Unspoken words of love, kindness, and generosity can be felt by
            many family members
Numerous interpretations of phone calls and text messages were at
            times very hilarious
Inspirations to the growing children are the successful lives of
            their older relatives
Outstanding showmanship of the clan was obvious in the
             afternoon-long celebration
Never-ending thanks to God for the family blessings and
             commendable committee efforts
By: Laura G. Balatbat-Corpuz - jollybc2@gmail.com
(The Balatbat Clan: Oliva B. Enriquez, Felicisima B. Bacon, Laura B. Corpuz, Ricardo Balatbat ((deceased)),Agapita S. San Juan, Feliciano B. Salamat, Severino B. Salamat, Modesto B. Salamat, ((deceased))Teodora B. Gatchalian, Esther S. Galang, Remedios S. Garcia, Adoracion Salamat, Leoncia B. Lopez, Virginia B. Galang, Felix R. Balatbat, Elizabeth B. Reyes, Teresita B. Isip, Manilo Balatbat, Felicitas F. De Guzman, Modesto B. Flores, Elena B. Flores, Joventino B. Usacdin, Belarmino B. Usacdin, Cesar B. Usacdin, Dante B. Usacdin, ((decesaed)) Zenaida B. Usacdin, Elmar B. Usacdin, Mat B. Usacdin, Neneth B. Usacdin, Rene B. Usacdin, and Israel B. Usacdin.) This is an answer to my quest about the Balatbat ancestry. Thank you! Everyone is appreciative of their door prizes - courtesy of Ric and Laura Corpuz)