Monday, October 10, 2016

          ROWENA D. STONER

          R-adiant is your attractive face with very bright smiles all the time
          O-verjoyed is amazing family, Jack, Anna Marie, Jennifer Lynn
          W-onderful personality welcomes everyone with wide open arms
          E-nergetic and loves working at Cullinan Properties in Peoria, IL.
          N-ieces, nephews, relatives highly regard and treat you with respect
          A-nxious and excited about the life ahead of her family on the go

          D-elightful and gorgeous FASCI model and a long-time member

          S-isterly attitude to Alma, Arlene, Chat, Cindy, Connie, Donna, Elvie
          T-rue friend to Evelyn, Gina, Jhossana, Leta, Lodgita, Lolita, Lucy
          O-pens heart to Marissa, Nerissa, Nena, Ofie, Razelle, Roe, Sarah, Sheila
          N-ice, courteous to Ernie, Rene, and male Filipino staff at Par-A-Dice
          E-njoys colleagues and all family members’ professional achievements
          R-ejoiced and thanked God for the awesome, adventurous trip to Korea

                        Happy 50th Birthday from Ric and Laura Corpuz * 9-8-16

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