Wednesday, April 23, 2008



Heart is so big to keep us close and dear
Advices are always wise and best for us
Presence is a remedy when child is ill
Patiently and silently weeps when in pain
Youth once and now is a good mother

Many sleepless nights from birthing on
Our triumphs make her feel great and proud
Teaching children to be kind and polite
Holds children gently in time of sorrows
Endless love for all her children is marvelous
Religiously raising us to have a bright future
Sacrifices she endures are truly incredible

Devotion to the family is everlasting
Admirable model for her growing children
Your love is the foundation of an ideal family

Laura B. Corpuz
March 18, 2006


HAGONOY said...

Sofia, our mother, your hard work in the fields and many sleepless nights are very much appreciated. We are very grateful for all you did to raise us three daughters after our father Igmedio died on May 7, 1944. Yes, he died in the morning and was buried on that afternoon due to the barrio fiesta in San Miguel on May 8. We know you and father are happy enjoying the heavenly garden God created for all of our loved ones. We pray that your souls be given eternal rest along with the company of the blessed. Amen.

HAGONOY said...

You were wonderful parents!!!