Monday, November 10, 2014


Excitingly tells me precious and funny stories of my childhood
Loves to cook many kinds of delectable casseroles and “Ube” dessert
Enjoys the company of grandchildren and all great grandchildren
Nieces and nephews gather around you when they come to visit
Achievement awards of family members make you feel so grateful
Donations from your good heart make San Miguel folks jubilant
Joyously entertains relatives and friends from many distant cities
Greatest of love is for the good of your loving and caring family
Advices, great guidance imparted to seven children were fruitful
Regarded and treated me as one of your own accomplished children
Charitable and generous individual who listens to people in need
Industriousness inspire many village people for their future success
Admirable woman who treats many us with kindness and fairness

 (Marcos and Elena are the pride of the families of Gloria, Honorata, Eduardo, Teresa, Amelia, Rufino and Marita)

    Laura B. Corpuz * Niece* November 11, 2014 *

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