Friday, November 7, 2014


Faithfully performs duties in the church especially during the “Fiesta”
Loves to be with growing children, guides them in their faith journey
One of the most distinguished volunteers in the village of San Miguel
Remembers many oral histories and families community involvements
Embraces all tasks assigned to her with great love and satisfaction
Noted for being so patient in dealing with many barrio organizations
Catholic religion is devotedly practiced with sincerity and humility
Inspires friends and neighbors to look at life full of great promises
Avails self each time someone comes to ask for her superb assistance
Beautiful flowers picked from friends’ gardens to make pretty bouquets
Memories of people joyfully working are forever etched in her huge heart
Appeals to people for being so compassionate, kind, and understanding
Quiet, simple, and smiles always tell something that makes someone ponder
Unforgettable days at Philippine Tobacco Flue-Curing and Re-Drying Corp.
Eighty years of real happiness spent with happy families and dear relatives
Zooms to many reunion invites of Teodora Cruz Elementary School alumni

    Nobody can even imagine the village without a “Nana Puring.”
    Laura B. Corpuz * Niece * Nov. 7, 2014 *

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