Thursday, December 18, 2014



D-iligent, industrious, focused, and conscientious in all her works
A-ctive in all functions of church and serves as the office secretary
N-aturally nice, friendly individual with a sweet smile on her face
A-dores the little growing cousins and enjoys watching them dance
H-onors she has maintained from primary school years to the present

L-ongs and hopes to become an Information Technology Programmer

S-ophomore student in high school and impresses teachers by her skills
A-cquaints self with many relatives she has not met yet for many years
L-oves to see and admires happy friends, relatives, and church members
A-lways willing to give any assistance when needed by caring family
M-emories of childhood and family affairs finds place in this fun world
A-ccomplishments in life brings happiness to Valentino and Lilibeth
T-alented and very smart student showing bright future in her life

    Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * November 15, 2014 *

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