Friday, December 12, 2014


January is your birthday month and beginning of the New Year
Aquarius is your zodiac sign and carnation is flower of  rejoicing
Nice, friendly, full of life when you are singing melodious  songs
Modest in actions and careful in expressing self when  speaking
Enjoyed and cherished time spent at the 2014 Balatbat  reunion
Lively, lovely young teen, charismatic, and truly energetic  too
Loves to volunteer and gives plenty of time for a very good  cause
Inspiration to younger cousins exhibiting and excellent role  model
Takes responsibility for all duties assigned by parents and  superiors
Birthstone is garnet which color will protect you from  illness
Approachable young person who meets all friends with a  smile
Likes to be around relatives, friends, classmates in High  School
Anxious, excited, and very enthusiastic in dancing at  parties
Thinks positively about friends and speaks good words about  them
Beautiful singing voice is an asset, will lead you to future  success
Active in church, school, and family affairs especially on  holidays
Truthful, honest, and trustworthy individual people think of  you
      Laura Balatbat-Corpuz *April 16, 2014 *

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