Thursday, December 18, 2014


Grateful to have very kind-hearted parents like Neftali and Elizabeth
Extremely content by the results of projects and accomplished missions
Notably popular, well known as a great singer of the Balatbat clan
Every friend, classmate, and acquaintance is happy to be a comrade
Serves as an inspiration and excellent model for the younger children
Incredible singing contestant at BULPRISA winning great honors
Sacrificed many hours to help raise funds for the need of dear cousins

Blessed with the gift of a gorgeous singing voice and truly thankful for
Rejoices each time asked to render songs honoring someone close to heart
You are very talented man especially in the wonderful world of music
Anxious to perform on stage and has won many singing competitions
National singing contest you won and named “PLDT Singing Idol”

Bachelor of Science in Information System at Bulacan State Univerity

Reflects the best in all friends, classmates, relatives, and choir members
Examples of good manners, right conduct, proper attitude towards men
Yesteryears are fruitful, worthy of remembering and be written in a book
Every one of your friends agrees that you are great and terrific entertainer
Self-motivated and determined to utilize God-given skills to serve many

     Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * July 7, 2014 *

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