Friday, December 12, 2014


Lucky individual to be included in the group “One Thousand Voices”
Actively participates in many church activities and numerous functions
Rejoices and glad each time the opportunity to sing songs comes around
Always thinks of how to make friends and families feel good about them
Joyfully accepts responsibilities that are asked of you by superiors
Adored and appreciated by classmates, ministers, teachers, and all
Nice, cheerful, friendly, full of life and possesses very positive attitude
Eldest, helpful, truly responsible daughter caring for brother Ramizes
Elementary Education is the degree major at Bulacan State University
Unending praises and heart-warming words from relatives ring in the air
Spends time and enjoys teaching music at the summer kindergarten program
Anxious to be a part of good and prestigious organization and musical group
Chosen to perform in July 2014 at the Centennial Anniversary of the church
Dedicated and devoted to your religion and has strong faith in our Creator
Inspired by the good examples of caring, loving parents, Israel and Pricila
Nobody can stop you from learning to play instruments, piano, and guitar

           Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * August 13, 2014 *

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