Friday, March 21, 2008

Maria Paz C. Garcia Santos

A Tribute by Laura Balatbat-Corpuz (niece)
Illinois, USA
"Mama," the name you were called by many
Aims and objectives in life you had plenty
Religious person with strong faith in God, I've known you
Industrious as a young adult and hard-working as a woman
Admired the beauty and values of strong family ties.
Patient, affectionate and loving you were to the family
Approachable person with a sweet smile personality
Zoomed to all house calls to cure illnesses quickly
Courage, strength, and firm determination you believed in
Girl Scout souvenirs among others you shared with me
Appealed to many because of true kindness and generosity
Respect you earned by diligently performing civic duties
Caring and loving you were to all acquaintances
Intelligence and skills were obvious in all your works
Accomplished, fulfilled and extraordinary life you enjoyed
Sincere, calm, and motherly in your dealings with the public
Answered, heard, and listened to people's voices in politics
"Nana Iya" and "Tiay" nephews and nieces called you
Trustworthy person you were to people and Hagonoy folks
One of the most distinguished and outstanding women of our time
Sweet memories of the family's past will forever linger on

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