Monday, October 6, 2014



Carefully analyzes situation with husband before making any                                                                     decisions
Always ready to give full assistance when needed by the                                                                             Balatbat clan
Rejoices each time a family member achieves a specific                                                                                goal in their life
Loves to be involved in any kind of project at home and                                                                              in her community
Overwhelmed by the results of her teaching when students                                                                        passed exams
Trustworthy individual that makes everyone feel proud                                                                              of her works
Admires the world’s beauty and sees it as the Creator’s                                                                                garden on earth
Sincere and dedicated History teacher at Ramona S. Trillana                                                                      High School
Brings comfort and inspires the lonely with her caring                                                                                    words of wisdom
Extra time and efforts she spends in preparing for the fun                                                                              family reunion
Responsible, dependable lady and can be counted on when                                                                              assigned a task
Noble and compassionate teacher thinking of teaching                                                                                    to be effective
Adores little children that are innocently, joyfully growing in                                                                        San Isidro
Brings back and shares the lessons learned in her daily life                                                                             as a woman
Enjoys and practices teaching ethics for the sake of all                                                                                    the students

Laura Balatbat-Corpuz *August 13, 2013 *

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