Monday, October 6, 2014




Inspiration to the younger and growing generation
Success is in his hands and celebrates it with joy
Industrious, hard-working man I have ever known
Dedicated to his duties as father of the family
Overjoyed by his son and daughters’ achievements
Respectful to his cousins, friends, and relatives
Offers help to those in dire needs for assistance

Caring brother to his sisters, Catalina and Alejandra

Guides you gently in your way to successful well-being
Admired by the people for his kindness and generosity
Religious individual, shows reverence to the Creator
Counts the Lord’s blessings each day of his happy life
Intelligent and has an incredible insight of his future
Always grateful and thankful for things are wonderful

                              Laura B. Corpuz * Cousin
                   * June 12, 2011

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