Thursday, October 9, 2014


Enjoying a very happy life with dearly beloved family and                                          friends
Dedicated and sincere husband to Dolores for a good number of                                   years
Understanding and caring grandfather of ten cute little darlings
Accommodating and entertains family and relatives with                                                enthusiasm
Rejoices when grandchildren call him “Lolo” lovingly and                                                sweetly
Deliciously cooks irresistible and mouth-watering food for guests
Overwhelming care felt by five sisters during their youthful                                        years
Distance is not a hindrance when visiting close relatives                                            anywhere                          
Just and fair person treating everyone with love and respect
Gives from the bottom of his heart that uplifts someone’s spirit
Appreciates all of God’s blessings and shares them joyfully
Religious individual and participates in many church activities
Calm, quiet, soft-spoken gentleman and peace-loving father of                                      five
Impresses acquaintances of safe driving and familiarity with                                           roads
Adopted and gave a child her very own place in this wonderful                                  world

By:   Laura B. Corpuz *Cousin * June 9, 2013

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