Thursday, October 9, 2014


                                   PONCIANO S. ISIP  

       Personable, approachable, hard-working man you are known
       Outspoken, but chooses words wisely when around good friends 
       Notably nice and helpful to classmates from grade school on 
       Caring father and backbone of the entire Isip clan in Bulacan 
       Intelligence you use tactfully to raise a great and fun family  
       Admires the goodness and beauty of God's world creation 
       Never was a dull moment whenever or wherever you are   
       Outstanding reputation you build-up for strength and support  
       Sacrifices in daily life serve as models for growing grandchildren  

       Incredible brains are shown in all dealings with comrades  

       Sincerely loves family and cares for ailing wife, Maring  
       Inspiration to everyone who wants to enjoy life to its fullest
       Proud president of the very active class of '55 in San Miguel  

      Laura B. Corpuz *Classmate* (March 9, 2012)

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