Monday, October 6, 2014


Takes any responsibility and performs all assigned                                                              tasks wholeheartedly
Extra efforts she truly exerts when her assistance is                                                            needed by the family
Reaches out to family members to hold reunions of San                                                        Isidro Balatbat clan
Enjoys and cherishes time spent with cousins each                                                               time they come to visit
Shows great appreciation of the blessings received                                                          from God the Almighty
Incredibly strong showing compassion, courage, hope,                                                         and perseverance
Thinks positively and very optimistic in life in this                                                               world of changes
Admired by many relatives for generosity, humility,                                                      simplicity, and sincerity
Big is her heart with names of beloved cousins, nieces, 
                                                         nephews, relatives
Industry, hard work, and labor contribute in reaching                                                          her goals in life
Success and good fortunes of all her children are in her                                                          daily prayers
Interesting moments of youthful years joyfully shared                                                          with family members
Proud of the achievements and accomplishments of son                                                         and two daughters

Laura Balatbat-Corpuz * Cousin *January 21, 2013


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