Friday, October 3, 2014



Raised you by our loving mother like a son of her own
Instilled in your young mind is respect for one another
Careful, compassionate, cautious, cooperative you were taught
Always reminded to practice the “Golden Rule” at all times
Regarded by the local government officers as a “kagawad”
Daily chores included fetching water from artesian well
One big party mother gave on that special christening day

Glad and blessed to belong to the Garcia-Balatbat clan

Blessed to be with the family that treats you with tender love
Advices of sisters are for your very own personal benefits
Lasting fond memories of childhood and fun school days
Always asked “Daka” to bring you home some “hohiya”
Thoughtful of all the Balatbat cousins from San Isidro
Befriended many people from the village of San Miguel
Accomplishments of children make you so proud of them
Thankful for having a wonderful family and wife like Norma

              (Laura G. Balatbat-Corpuz * sister *                                                                                   , May 15, 2012)

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