Thursday, October 9, 2014


Responsible individual and can be counted on when it comes to services
Enjoys the quality time spent with all the cute and growing grandchildren
Generous gentleman who has a very big heart, ready to give a helping hand
Intelligent, industrious, hard-working, and dedicated husband to Josefina
Never did he refuse the request for substitution in church assigned duties
Actively participates in local activities and “Toastmasters International”
Lovingly cares for the broken-hearted and speaks kindly for their comfort
Volunteerism is in his blood and will do anything without reservations
Grateful for committee members’ assistance for the success of programs
Rejoices every time grandchildren show him school accomplishments
Examines and scrutinizes everything that matters and will impact life
Scientifically-minded, naturally analytical individual, and thinks wisely
Services to FASCI is incredible, commendable, and truly immeasurable

                 FASCI (Filipino-American Society of Central Illinois)
                      By: Laura B. Corpuz - April 16, 2013 - Friend

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