Friday, October 3, 2014


                            FELICISIMA  B. BACON

Felicisima means “joy and happiness” today and forevermore

Embracing life as it comes and thanking God for each new                        day
Loves teaching Theology and proud to spread the word of the                   Lord
Interesting are the stories told to children leaving moral                             lessons
Cares about all ailing patients with a good dialogue about                         health 
Inspiration and a role model to the active, growing                                     grandchildren   
Sweet smiles capture even the loneliest and unhappiest                             individuals
Instrumental in the success and well-being of daughter and 
Makes family time fun time making best of what God                               provides
Always ready to give support to the family for strength and                     unity


Biblical stories told in all the Religion classes for adult and                        children

Blessings from the world’s Creator gratefully counts every  
Accommodating woman welcoming all comrades with warm                      heart
Composed lyrics of songs for the Philippine Medical                                    Association
Outstanding memory of parenting style of Sofia Garcia 
Never said “No” to any appeal for the sake of the entire                              community

   Laura B. Corpuz * Sister *October 26, 2013 *


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