Monday, October 6, 2014


Every happy moment of life is cherished and kept in your loving heart

Very caring staff and first concern is the health situation of the patients

Experiences during younger years serve as models for the growing children

Lives a humble, simple, but content, fulfilled, and successful family life

You are a nice and warm-hearted woman to work with and to be with

Numerous and truly wonderful comments are heard from the entire family

Strong in character and responsible woman make you worthy of praise

Dedicated wife to loving husband Rudy and a very sweet sister-in-law

Everybody loves you because of your friendly attitude and lovely personality

Lifts up the spirit of those that are in need of great love and compassion

Always ready to give assistance with all your heart for the sake of many

Precious and priceless is your relationship with the San Isidro Balatbat clan

Excitingly tells stories of your recreational activities, vacations, and trips

Ñaña, you work with many of them in the hospital attending to the patients

Anxious to volunteer and be an active committee member for successful project

      Laura Balatbat-Corpuz *August 14, 2013 *

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