Monday, October 6, 2014


               LEONCIA B. REYES
 Lovely lady with a good sense of humor that makes everyone                                                                                                       laugh
Enjoys the presence and company of dear relatives and visiting                                                                                                   cousins
Overjoyed by all the school achievements of her only son,                                                                                                      Yquem John
Notably nice individual with a very sweet and warm                                                                                                           personality
Cares and sincere in her obligations as a Balatbat reunion                                                         coordinator
Inspirational stories of experiences during holidays and                                                                                                         Christmas
Accommodating individual that welcomes you with                                                                                                         wide-open arms
Brings comfort and inspiration to many through her faith journey

Loves the splendor of God-given bright light and shining                                                                                                    stars above
Organized person in her own ways and a true model for                                                                                                     being so neat
Precious is the love she has shown to her own family and                                                                                                     to the clan
Excellent when it comes to time management and jobs                                               are accomplished
Zesty, delectable mango salad and food makes you want to                                                                           eat them now

   By: Laura B.alatbat-Corpuz * Cousin  * June 3, 2013 *                                                                

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