Thursday, October 9, 2014


                          DOLORES  S. GARCIA

Destined to be truly successful woman in her clothing and textile industries
Overwhelming number of customers check storage to purchase merchandise
Loves to travel across the vast ocean to visit close friends and relatives
Outspoken individual who uses talent and special skills in her sales talks
Relationship with distributors and retailers is of high quality and with respect
Embraces work with love, patience, and perseverance with and happy life
Sincerely and honestly thanks God for the outpouring blessings received
Guides the children to reach their dreams in their chosen fields of endeavor
Approachable and very warm woman who reaches out with an open-arm
Recreation includes playing cards, sightseeing, vacationing and visiting parks
Charitable person who gives with all her might to the church’s special projects
Inspiration to the younger ones who are interested in pursuing a business career
Adores her ten young and growing grandchildren in Australia and Philippines

        By: Laura B. Corpuz * May 31, 2013 *

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